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#Black Lives Matter

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

In his Farewell Sermon, The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) declared: “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black, nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Know that every Muslim is the brother of another Muslim, and that Muslims constitute one brotherhood.”

Black Lives Matter

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  • Malcolm X - Prince Of Islam

    MALCOLM X- PRINCE OF ISLAM is the EXPLOSIVE and GRIPPING documentary that shows never before seen footage of al-Hajj Malik Shabazz, a truly Islamic hero.

    Islam stands for change. It seeks to change the individual and the society. This change covers every aspect of human life from personal morality to business, economics and politics. It is only natural that Islam should be fought by those who want to keep the status quo. This is the way it has always been throughout history: from Adam to Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa. Isa, and Muhammad (peace be on them). It will happen to anyone who wants to stand up and proclaim the true message of Islam to the world.

    In recent times we have the example of Brother Malcolm. He courageously stood firm in the midst of his enemies and was ready to sacrifice everything in the pursuit of seeking the pleasure of Allah (swt). In ‘Prince of Islam’ we learn about his childhood struggles through to him joining the heretical group ‘Nation of Islam’ to him finally accepting the true religion of Islam after performing the Hajj in Makkah.

    Bilal - From Slave to Master

    A few people stand in the face of tyranny with endurance when they believe in the true and eternal message of Islam. This book sheds light on the life and struggle of the greatest example of endurance. Bilal bin Rabah whom Islam changed from a weak slave to a great hero, stood firm in the face of oppression and hence taught generations to come how a Muslim should act when his Faith is challenged. He was the only Mu'adhdhin (caller to prayer) during the lifetime of the Prophet*. His emblem all his life was `Allah is One, Allah is One.'


    The Autobiography of Malcolm X

    Author: Alex Haley | Pages: 278 | Size: 1 MB

    The Autobiography of Malcolm X (ISBN 0-345-35068-5) was written by Alex Haley between 1964 and 1965, as told to him through conversations with Malcolm conducted shortly before Malcolm X's death (and with an epilogue after it), and published in 1965. The book was named by Time magazine as one of the ten most important nonfiction books of the 20th century.

    The Virtues of Blacks & Abyssinians

    English translation of the classic 12th century Arabic text Illuminating the Darkness by Ibn Al-Jawzi that inspired my first book of the same name. Translated by Dar al-Arqam Publishing Ibn Al-Jawzi said, "I bore witness to a group of eminent Habash who were disheartened due to the darkness of their skin colour. I thus clarified to them that the matter upon which consideration is placed is good deeds rather than one's appearance, and I wrote this book for them to mention the virtue of many from amongst the Habash and black people." The Habash / Abyssinians are the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea

    Muslim Conquest of Egypt and North Africa

    This book is about the history of the early battles of Islam in Egypt and North Africa. It is based on painstaking research and provides valuable insights and reference material for scholars and students. The first part of the book deals with the conquest of Egypt by Amr bin Al Aas (640 to 646 A.D.)The second part describes the conquest of the area stretching from Libya to the Atlantic Ocean and covers a period of 60 years during which six major campaigns were launched by the Muslims.

    Illuminating the Darkness: Blacks and North Africans in Islam

    The book is divided into two sections: Part l of the book explores the concept of race, 'blackness', slavery, interracial marriage and racism in Islam in the light of the Qur'an, Hadith and early historical sources. Part ll of the book consists of a compilation of short biographies of noble black and North African Muslim men and women in Islamic history including Prophets, Companions of he Prophet (SAAS) and more recent historical figures. The reader is given a fascinating glimpse into the lives of truly noble characters, from luminous scholars to leaders of whole African civilisations. The reader needs no other discrimination while reading this book than the one the author strives to make clear throughout: the din of Islam is not only free of racism but is utterly opposed to it as the most aberrant form of jahiliyyah (ignorance).

    Islam in Africa Throughout History

    Brought to us by the Ethiopian scholar Shaykh Muhammad Aman al-Jami, Islam in Africa Throughout History chronicles three significant phases of Islam in Africa which helped shape the world. This classic manuscript begins with the courageous stance of the Abyssinian king an-Najashi, which shook Heraclius of Rome, defied the tribes of Makkah while influencing the kings of Oman, and even softened the hearts of Prophet Muhammad’s staunchest adversaries. The second part recounts two waves of da’wah in Africa: the Arab merchants and the Sufis, both of which left a lasting imprint upon the continent. The third part details the scholars who led the revival of the Salafi da’wah in Africa and advises the students of knowledge about the future of Islam in Africa

    African Holocaust-Dark Voyage

    African Holocaust: Dark Voyages is our best production to date. An epic voyage tracing the history of the African Holocaust (MAAFA): History's darkest human tragedy. A saga of human horror hidden between myth and obscurity. The forced exodus of entire generations of Africans to the New World . A horrendous trade in human cargo, which would build and reshape the World forever, leaving a legacy that, would haunt our World today. Dark Voyage is a powerful educational tool, a cultural dialogue (dawah), historically revealing

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