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In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Imam Malik (may Allah have mercy upon him) said; “It is obligatory upon the people to ransom the prisoners with all what they possess, and there is no difference in this (amongst the jurists), because the Prophet (SAWS) said “Secure the release of the captive!” [Al-Bukhari]

Free The Captives & The Plight of Aafia Siddiqui

Our Obligation Towards Our Prisoners

Today many of our brothers and sisters around the world are held behind bars unjustly while we enjoy our daily lives forgetting our duties towards them. This heartfelt lecture, draws light upon our obligations as Muslims towards our prisoners… The Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said “Secure the release of the captive!” [Al-Bukhari]

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Poems from Guantanamo

"Poems from Guantanamo brings to light figures of concrete, individual humanity,against the fabric of cruelty woven by the 'war on terror.' The poems and poets' biographies reveal one dimension of this officially obscured narrative, from the perspective of the sufferers; the legal and literary essays provide the context which has produced--under atrocious circumstances--a poetics of human dignity."--Adrienne Rich Since 2002, at least 775 men have been held in the U.S. detention center at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. According to Department of Defense data, fewer than half of them are accused of committing any hostile act against the United States or its allies. In hundreds of cases, even the circumstances of their initial detainment are questionable. This collection gives voice to the men held at Guantánamo. Available only because of the tireless efforts of pro bono attorneys who submitted each line to Pentagon scrutiny, Poems from Guantánamo brings together twenty-two poems by seventeen detainees, most still at Guantánamo, in legal limbo.

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The Guantanamo Files

In 2006, four years after the illegal prison in Guantánamo Bay first opened, the Pentagon finally released the names of the 773 men held there, as well as 7,000 pages of transcripts from tribunals assessing their status as 'enemy combatants'. Andy Worthington is the only person to have analysed every page of these transcripts. Drawing on these documents, as well as news reports and interviews with lawyers and released detainees, this book reveals, for the first time, the stories of all those imprisoned in Guantánamo. This book does not make for easy reading. Deprived of the safeguards of the Geneva Conventions, and, for the most part, sold to the Americans by their allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the detainees have struggled for five years to have their stories heard. Looking in detail at the circumstances of their capture, and at the coercive interrogations and unsubstantiated allegations that have been used to justify their detention, 'The Guantánamo Files' reveals that the majority of those captured were either Taliban foot soldiers or humanitarian aid workers, religious teachers and economic migrants, who were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. The book also uncovers stories of torture in Afghanistan and Guantánamo, and contains new information about the process of 'extraordinary rendition' that underpins the US administration's 'war on terror'. Who will speak for the 773 men who have been held in Guantánamo? This passionate and brilliantly detailed book brings their stories to the world for the first time.

Ibn Taymeeyah's Letters From Prison

This book contains a collection of letters demonstrating a side of the personality of Shaykul-Islaam ibn Taymeeyah which is not commonly recognized. Usually, it is his tough and uncompromising stances and his truthful, sometimes harsh retorts that are remembered. However, as this work demonstrates he was also a concerned son, a devoted teacher and a passionate defender of the religion. These letters were selected and introduced by Shaykul Muhammad Sulaiman al-Abdah. Born in Syria in 1941, and now residing in London, he has taught in the religious institutes and the Islaamic University of Madeenah. He now devotes his time to work in Islamic Da'wah.

Just Five Minutes Nine Years in the Prisons of Syria

This heartrending memoir unravels the most perilous period in Syria’s modern history, a time when President Asad’s notorious secret service agents, the Mukhabarat, hunted down and imprisoned anyone even remotely associated with political opposition. When a “wanted criminal” fled from the Mukhabarat’s clutches, they were held hostage, like in the case of Heba Dabbagh.

Words Of Wisdom From Behind Bars

This is a compilation of works by brother Babar Ahmed may Allaah hasten his release. His work is presented as it is without much modification. I have inserted some headings where the author has not provided any.

Retractions From Behind Bars

Since the events of September 11th, 2001, a number of trends have emerged, which have far-reaching implications upon the Islâmic Ummah collectively, and for Muslims individually. Without doubt, one of the trends witnessed throughout the Muslim world in this time are the flow of retractions and recantations coming from high-profile Muslim groups, scholars, writers and preachers while in the custody of the apostate governments and the prisons of the enemies of Allâh. The goal of this project is to offer a critical analysis of this phenomenon along with some commentary and guidelines from the scholars of Islâm – passed and present – in order to put this trend into context and to prepare the youth who are most often confronted with these retractions, along their path of working for their religion.

Return of the Pharaoh: Memoirs in Nasirs Prison

By Zainab al Ghazali. Return of the Pharoah relates how, falsley accused of conspiring to kill Jamal Abd An Nasr, the author was arrested and imprisoned. While awaiting trial she was subjected to the most teribble and inhumane torture. This book describes in a captiviating manner the ordeal which this Muslim activist went through in the notorious Egyptian prisons. This book describes in a captivating manner the ordeal which this Muslim activist went thorugh in the notorious Egyptian prison. Instead of dampering her enthusiasam for Islam and the Islamic movement , the afflications and savageries in Nasir 's prisons increased her commitment and dedication to the cause of Islam. This autobiographical work can be considered a historic document in that its author was an aactive withness to one of the most volatile periods of Egypt's contemporary history.

Muslim Prisoners

Here is the English translation of a Friday Sermon delivered by Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Al Habdaan, Imam of Al Izz bin Abdus Salam Mosque in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Friday 16 August 2002 (07/06/1423AH). The title of the sermon was ‘Who Will Stand up for the Muslim Prisoners?’ It was an outstanding sermon and it is hoped that all those who were not present can benefit from it, especially on an issue that has been overlooked by many, even the Islamic propagators.

Issues Pertaining To The Rulings Regarding The Muslim Prisoner

By Dr. Mur'i ibn 'Abdullah ibn Mur'i. There are five main issues: 1. Ransoming prisoners 2. Killing enemy prisoners if they kill Muslim prisoners 3. A Mujahid fleeing from captivity after killing the enemy and taking his wealth 4. If the enemy sets him free on the condition that he remains among them. 5. If the enemy sets him free on the condition that he does what they want in the Islamic lands.

Prisoner of Conscience

And I would remember my dear brother Abu Mujahid (may Allah have Mercy upon him and gather us with him in the Firdaws) and how he was imprisoned...in a filthy, dark, solitary cell filled with insects, and he was prevented from a copy of the Qur'an. I remember how he would long for each verse he would hear being recited from the distant mosques and keep repeating them until he had them memorized...

Beyond Guantanamo: Is This The End?

From the words of those who have been or are in the dungeons of the enemies of Islam, Shaikh Anwar al Awlaki delivers a message to the Muslim prisoners from the Muslim prisoners. This lecture, which was scheduled for public broadcast at the Annual CagePrisoners Iftar Dinner 2009, was banned by the Kensington and Chelsea Council in London without reason.

Another Ramadan 2008

Imam Anwar al-Awlaki delivered this speech via teleconference at Another Ramadan 2008 charity dinner organised by Cageprisoners on the 7th September 2008 in Wandsworth Civic Suite, London.


By ATMO productions. In the wake of 911 2001 terrorist attacks, the USA opened a prison camp at Guantanomo Bay. The Hundreds of prisoners believed to be detained there are not afforded prisoner of war status according to the Geneva Convention. They are labelled unlawful combatants, held indefinitely with no right to a lawyer or a trial.

?You really need to treat them like dogs, or else if you treat them any better then that you have effectively lost control of the interrogation?

This documentary looks at the link between Guantanomo Bay and the torture methods used in Iraq and the roots of how US forces tackle the task of retrieving information from the detainees. Ex detainee Mehdi from Sweden breaks his vow of silence and talks about his time at Cuba. Interviews with senior officers within the Cuban base. An Ex officer from within the Iraqi prisons speaks of how she was misled on treatment of prisoners and how direct orders from the top were given authorising torture methods. ?nickname GITMO by US officers? Running time approx 100 minutes

The Road To Guantanamo

The Road To Guantanamo is the story of four friends who set off from the Midlands in September 2001 for an innocent wedding and holiday in Pakistan. Two and a half years later, only three of them returned home.

Through their epic journey we hear the story of their misunderstandings, ignorance, confusions and friendships as step by step they go from the safety of their small-town teenage existence to the heart of the "war on terror". Through a series of interviews, dramatised scenes and archive news footage, the film shows how the Tipton Three ended up in Afghanistan hiding with Taliban fighters under fire from US Fighter planes. The boys are eventually rounded up by American forces, only to be kept in horrific conditions at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba for over two years

Are We Truly Believers?
Babar Ahmad

Prisoner 650
Anwar al-Awlaki

The Aafia Siddiqui I Saw
Tariq Mehanna

Captivity, Imprisonment and Trials
Abu Qatadah Al-Filastini

Passages from Enemy Combatant
Moazzam Begg

'I Can Only Make Dua'
Babar Ahmad

Letters From Prison
Tariq Mehanna

The Keys to Our Dream
Tariq Mehanna

The Qur'an and You
Tariq Mehanna

A Year of Rebirth
Tariq Mehanna

A Drone Over The Skies Of Madinah
Tariq Mehanna

O Prisoner
Ali al-Timimi

Support Abu Taubah
The Fiks

Tariq Mehanna's Sentencing Statement
Tariq Mehanna

A Benefit from Prison
Ahmad Musa Jibril

Dont Talk to Police
Mr. James Duane

The University of Yusuf
Ahmad Jibril

Seattle Prison Projects
Ahmad Jibril

Moazzam Begg – In His Own Words
Moazzam Begg

Moazzam Begg
Cage Prisoners

PRESS RELEASE: Police raids on Muslim communities: an alienating message
Cage Prisoners

A New Article By Tarek Mehanna
Tarek Mehanna

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