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O Prisoner

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

A poem by Ali al-Timimi

O Prisoner

Be patient O prisoner
Think not of what lies behind that door

Because you are the rain that gives life to the barren
Because you are the sun that flowers yearn for

Go forth despite your shackles
Nothing holds your spirit at bay

By sabr and yaqin, Allah made you
A leader despite the boulders in your way

You are defiant, and you are like
A brilliant star guiding the multitude

Your truthful words burn every accursed rebel
A shining blaze in an era of servitude

You are the bold one leading falcons
Perverse crows mock you with false portrayal

Their black lies did cast you
In the prison of betrayal

I know that you’re tired
But forget not your bargain

Leave cowardly hyenas to laugh and play
For you are a brave lion

I know that you’re exhausted
The evil one whispers “no longer can you cope”

Remain firm, O servant of Allah
For you are the great hopes

I know that you’re weak
Dizzy, wanting to swoon

Night envelops the world with its darkness
But you are the shining moon

I know that you’re confident
O favoured son of the nation

You never doubted Allah’s promise
That victory is for the patient

We are surrounded by the petty
Whose only goal is to eat, drink and mate

But you in your solitude
Are with the Most High, the Great

So rejoice in your prison
Let others sink in the worlds mire

Continue to speak words of truth
A devastating sword on every arrogant denier

You display determination
In following the straightest of ways

You keep watch at every mountain pass
While the petty only sleep in haze

Time has stopped in front of your prison
Your nights and days are of constant motion

Heaven and earth will sleep at your passing
Amazed at your sincere devotion

You are the boldest
Because Allah made you cling to the pious word, the firmest.

This poem is a tashteer of a nasheed by Abu Ali which can be found here


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