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Scientific & Islamic Reasons for Growing a Beard

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

This book by Dr. Gohar Mushtaq provides a detailed study on the importance of growing the beard in Islam. In the present age, many Muslims are affected by the Western imperialism and media so much that they do not consider the beard as a symbol of Muslim identity anymore. The author has combined various disciplines in this book: tafseer, ahaadeth, opinions of Islamic jurists, history, social psychology, biology as well as comparative religion. The author's research is wide-ranging - from the history of the beard among various nations in the past and present to the reasons for the rise of beardless culture among Muslims. He delves deep into the psychological and sociological reasons which resulted in the negligence of this important Sunnah by many present day Muslims. To strengthen his case, the author has presented the recent scientific research done by social psychologists which shows that the presence of a beard on man's face makes him appear more attractive, intellectual, honest and heroic both in the eyes of women as well as men. In the beard, there is attraction, protection and perfection for men.

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