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Forced Marriages

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Islam condemns forced marriages to the highest degree. Forcing anyone into marriage is anti-Islam in every way you can possibly imagine. This issue of forced marriages is not one that is limited to some Muslims, but Hindus, Sikhs and other religions also acknowledge it as a problem. Islam came to free the people from oppression however some people have clung onto their cultures and traditional ways putting cultural practices above what Islam teaches us.

If a woman/man is forced in marriage then the marriage would not Islamically be valid and would therefore need to be cancelled.

Some of the main reasons forced marriage takes place is that the parents want to keep their children to stay within a cast system or group, for some parents it is marrying their daughter to someone with a high job status, for some its immigration bringing someone from overseas. Those parents who are forcing their children are doing a great crime against their children and denying the freedom which Allah has given them.

Islam gives many rights to women but sadly many are not aware of this. With figures around 80% being female and 20% being male that face this situation both women and men need to know their Islamic rights of marriage.

Many aspects of marriage are discussed in this lecture. Beginning with advice from Alyas, in his last 20 years of experiences in marriage counselling what has been the outcome of forced marriage situations. The lecture concludes with some example from the times of the prophet Muhammad on how he made clear about parents not forcing their children. How Allah has totally forbid forcing anyone into marriage so Know your rights.

How should an Islamic marriage take place including all the rights of the women and man and the conditions of marriage according to Islam?

This lecture discusses what are the rights that are given to women by Allah and his Messenger Muhammad?

The differences between arrange marriage and a forced marriage and its Conditions.

Want can someone do if they have been forced to marry someone?

How should we convince our parents that forcing to marry someone is totally haram (Forbidden)?

What are the Islamic rights of women before and after marriage?

What say does a woman have?

What are the reasons one should marry?

What rights does a divorce have?

What annuls a marriage?

Also discussed is the situation some face when being forced to divorce their partner.

Is Muta (temporary) marriage allowed?

How does a proper Islamic divorce take place?

What are the different types of scam marriages?


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