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A Commentary on Ibn Taymiyyah’s Essay on The Heart

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

There are many books currently in circulation concerning the purification of the heart and soul. This text is a welcome addition to the Islamic English library as it takes a unique approach to the subject. The author of this brief treatise, Ibn Taymiyyah, systematically dissects the primary role of the heart in the life of a true Muslim. After discussing the heart’s purpose and function, the author discusses the prominence given to the heart in all affairs by Allah and His Prophet (pbuh) in the various texts of the Qu’ran and Sunnah. He then goes on to identify the right of the heart in relationship to Allah; remembrance and consciousness of its Lord. Ibn Taymiyyah also categorized the various types of hearts that exist relative to their states and conditions and concluded his treatise with the worst state for the heart to be in, lost, along with advice on how to avoid it. Dr. Bilal Philips has added an extensive commentary referencing verses and traditions and further elucidating the deep meanings alluded to by the author, making the final text a very enjoyable and inspiring read.

Courtesy of ILoveAllah

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